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Living Gallery Skin Modification & Tattoo Studio
Living Gallery Skin Art and Modification was opened in October 2013. The studio was founded by its owner and primary tattoo artist Liam. It is still located on the commercial property it was founded on and has established itself as a reputable tattoo studio in the Centurion area. The studio’s location was chosen for many reasons that include its privacy, safety, secure parking and easy accessibility.

Living Gallery Skin Modification & Tattoo StudioThe opening of the studio was guided by the advice and guidance of Liam’s teacher Dayv who still occasionally tattoos at the studio.  The studio originally intended to provide a tattoo and piercing service. A lasting period did see the studio doing piercings, but in recent times it has focussed primarily on tattoos due to the inaccessibility of a piercer. The studio is now comfortable, as it always has been, just doing tattoos.
The tattoo service provided will always strive to accommodate the desire of the client, and a very diligent effort is placed on customer satisfaction. Living Gallery Skin Modification & Tattoo StudioThis has facilitated much success for the studio and the reputation of its friendly service. A professional and thorough people orientated service and environment will always be maintained as a crucial aspect of the proud service the studio provides.

Initially, the studio employed managers for the running of all its activities. Liam has grown comfortable enough in the industry to manage the studio as well as provide the tattoo service that he has developed to become under high demand for. The demand for tattoos from the studio grew strong enough for Liam to employ a second tattoo artist. This saw the introduction of Nadia to the studio in July 2015. Living Gallery Skin Modification & Tattoo Studio

In 2018 Liam again become the only artist of his studio. He is available for bookings seven days a week. He is easy to correspond with through the studio’s contact details, and he is looking forward to your special tattoo project.

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